See the strength and look of quartz countertops at our Pittston kitchen and bath showroom. As quartz countertop suppliers, Interstate Building Materials Inc. can help with the entire process from conceptualizing the space to delivery to the home or project site.

Interstate Building Materials Inc. is your go-to destination for kitchen and bath countertops. Trying to add a modern feel to your bathroom or kitchen? Sometimes all it takes is a new countertop to spruce things up! Our quartz countertops add an elegance and durability to any kitchen or bathroom. Stop on in and check out all our countertop displays in Pittston today!

With quartz, you no longer have to worry about countertop maintenance. 93% pure, quartz offers a safer, stronger product. Quartz is a man-made stone surface that is elegant and practical. There is no safer surface for food preparation. If you are building or remodeling your kitchen or bath, you will appreciate the beautiful collection of colors and the exceptional performance that quartz offers.