Select Series Cabinets

Wellborn Cabinet Select Series offers a great selection of many beautiful and luxurious custom kitchen designs, as well as multiple features to give you the kitchen you truly deserve. You can choose from maple kitchen cabinets, cherry kitchen cabinets, as well as other popular materials such as oak, poplar, thermofoil, laminate and MDF (medium density fiberboard).

The product selections include beautiful door styles in cherry, maple, poplar, oak, thermofoil, laminate and MDF. Many doors have solid wood stiles and rails and a veneered raised center panel. With a solid wood drawer option and soft close feature, this product will deliver the quality you expect.

Each cabinet line offers its own selection of door styles and designs. Wellborn Cabinets provides its maple kitchen cabinets with 14 different door designs, all created to show off the beautiful small wood grain. Should you want to add a little more elegance to the kitchen, perhaps cherry kitchen cabinets are the right fit for you. While similar in grain to maple, cherry wood boasts the occasional unique color, as well as a strength and durability that is unmatched by maple. In many of the Select Series models you’ll find solid wood stiles, rails, and a veneered raised center panel. Also included in our Wellborn cabinet series are the options to have a solid wood drawer, and a soft close feature to deliver the quality you’d expect from Wellborn Cabinets.

To view the Select Series cabinets firsthand, visit our custom kitchen cabinets showroom in Pittston, Pennsylvania or call our kitchen cabinet designers to find out more.

*Due to the differences in construction between the Select Series and Premier series we recommend these doors are not combined in the same design.

  1. Cherry

    Cherry looks outstanding on these door styles offered in the Select Series. From Shaker styling with Prairie to a traditional kitchen in Harmony, we have your style.


  2. Maple

    Maple is stunning in the Select Series with these door style selections. Maple is a very popular design selection as it has soft grain patterns and receives all finishes beautifully.


  3. Oak

    Choose from these door styles with the beautiful grain of oak. From Shaker styling to traditional, the choice is yours.


  4. Thermofoil

    Thermofoil door styles are constructed by pressing MDF with a high quality foil through an intense heating process. The thermofoil has a lightly textured effect and is very durable.


  5. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

    Using high pressure and temperatures, MDF is formed by combining wood fibers with a wax resin binder to form panels. It is made of wood veneer and is much more dense than normal particle board. This is a durable and tough wood product, commonly used in the construction industry.


  6. Laminate

    Laminate is a decorative panel with resin saturated printed paper thermally fused to a particleboard or MDF core. The thermally fused melamine process bonds the paper and board using heat and pressure. The paper gives the appearance of wood grain or painted finishes.


  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Thermofoil
  • MDF (medium Density Fiberboard)
  • Laminate
  1. Cherry Finishes

    You may choose to show the detailed beauty of cherry by selecting our Natural finish, or create a rich, dark kitchen with Sienna Charcoal.



    Stains with Glazes


  2. Maple Finishes

    The maple finish palette in the Select Series has stained finishes from Natural to rich Sienna. Some of the stained finishes are enhanced with a Glaze Technique which creates a one-of-a-kind unique look on each door. Wellborn’s popular painted finishes add to this broad color selection.



    Stains with Glazes





    Paints with Glazes


  3. Oak Finishes

    The Select Series offers stained finishes, stains with the Glaze Technique, Paints, and Paints with Glaze Technique. As shown in the kitchen pictured here, oak is beautiful with a Natural finish.



    Stains with Glazes




    Paints with Glazes


  4. Thermofoil Colors


  5. MDF Colors



    Paints with Glazes


  6. Laminate Colors


    *Not available in Loft Laminate

Note: All colors shown are approximate. Please visit our showroom to see actual product sample. Contact us for color availability.