Casement/Awning Window

The 6400 has it all from lifetime glass breakage, high definition wood-like interiors, one-handed fusion lock tilt, and unlimited colors.

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envirosealed_logoThe 6400 has it all from lifetime glass breakage, high definition wood-like interiors, one-handed fusion lock tilt, and unlimited colors. This model also offers standard features that can resemble the look of real wood windows. With the fusion lock option and the routed lift handle added to the cherry interior, the beauty of wood windows now can be accomplished.

This line also offers all configurations and designs from a complimentary sliding window that swings in for easy cleaning, followed by a full line of casement, awning, shapes and picture windows enhanced by a fully upgraded patio door to make the project complete.


  • Sash and frame welded simultaneously, each have 4-point welded corners for superior strength.
  • Extra strong aerospace frame design.
  • Highest quality weather stripping to prevent leaks.
  • Multi chambered profiles assure energy efficiency.
  • ClimaGuard™ Low E glass/Argon gas standard for best thermal rating.
  • Truth MAXIM multipoint hardware with folding handles for easy operation and attractive appearance.
  • 3/4″ to 1” insulated glass for optimal thermal performance.
  • Exterior glazed sash for attractive, non-caulked joints.
  • Duralite™ – our most energy efficient IG spacer system.
  • Jamb foam fills void between window framing and home.

Energy Efficiency and the Environment

energy_efficiency_2Our products and processes emphasize energy savings – and that means we consume less energy to minimize the CO2 released into our environment.

Our buildings save energy by utilizing in-floor radiant heating during off-peak energy hours and by using motion controlled lighting.

Our processes conserve resources – like filtering and reusing glass wash water for glass rinsing, and recycling our vinyl and glass scrap created during the fabrication process. And of course, we have a recycling program for metals, cardboard and paper.

Interstate belongs to a voluntary energy cooperative that monitors and helps reduce energy usage during times of peak demand. We are helping to protect our community from blackouts, to keep energy rates stable and to help the environment by reducing reliance on peaking power plants.

Our business focus stays within 250 miles of our production facility to minimize transportation energy.

And lastly, we had implemented many of these conservation measures decades before the term “green” became popular. At Interstate, energy efficiency and environmental concerns have been a way of life for generations.

  1. Exterior Stock Vinyl Colors


  2. Interior Stock Vinyl Colors


  3. Custom Paint Finishes (14 In Stock Exterior Colors)


  4. Custom Paint Finishes (34 Special Order Exterior Colors)


  5. Laminates Available


Note: All colors shown are approximate. Please visit our showroom to see actual product sample. Contact us for color availability.

  1. Incredible Thermal Values
    dual_glazed_glass Dual Glazed

    • Double Pane with Truseal’s Duralite™ or Duraseal™ Spacer
    • 3/4” to 7/8” insulated assembly with ClimaGuard Soft Coat Low E glass and Argon gas in the chamber
    • U-factor: .28 – 6400 Double Hung


    fuel_saver_glass Fuel Saver

    • Triple Pane with Truseal’s Duralite™ Spacer
    • 1” insulated assembly with 2 panes of ClimaGuard Soft Coat Low E glass and Argon gas in both chambers
    • U-factor: .22 – 6400 Double Hung (R5-Rated)


    fuel_saver_plus_glass_2 Fuel Saver Plus

    • Triple Pane with Truseal’s Duralite™ Spacer
    • 1” insulated assembly with 2 panes of ClimaGuard Soft Coat Low E glass, Krypton gas in one chamber and Argon gas in the other chamber
    • U-factor: .20 – 6400 Double Hung (R-5 rated)


    Fuel Saver Special

    • Triple Pane with Truseal’s Duralite™ Spacer
    • 1” insulated assembly with 2 panes of Climaguard Low E glass, Krypton gas in both chambers
    • U-factor: .18 – Double Hung (R-5 rated)
  2. ClimaGuard™ Low E Glass and Argon Gas Add Comfort and Energy Savings

    Low E is a transparent metallic oxide coating applied onto a glass surface. The coating allows short-wave energy to pass through but reflects long-wave infrared energy, which lowers the U-value and that means more energy savings. An odorless, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic gas, argon is six times denser than air. It is used to replace air between the glass panes to reduce thermal energy transfer and heat loss.

     ClimaGuard™ glass has heat reflective coatings – microscopically thin layers of metal and metal oxide that filter energy by keeping warmth inside in winter and outside in summer.


  3. R-Series


    A patented radiant glass technology that produces thermal energy, R-Series technology provides transparent insulation by creating a perfect thermal barrier between the building envelope and the exterior environment, and can also be used as a primary or auxiliary heat source.

  • R-value: Measures a product’s resistance to heat loss. Materials with higher R-values are more energy efficient. R-5 rated windows have an R-value of 4.51 to 5.00 and above.
  • U Factor: Measures how well a window prevents heat from escaping. The lower the U Value, the better the window is at keeping heat in and the more efficient it is.
  • Overall insulated glass thickness ranges from 3/4” to 1”.


Built Tough Hardware

All Interstate vinyl windows come standard with the industry’s finest hardware system. The operators, locks, and hinges have all been developed to work together to meet or exceed maximum performance requirements. Interstate provides the strongest, most attractive, easiest operating and highest performing hardware in today’s market.

  1. Casement/Awning Window Cranks


  2. Slim Line Casement/Awning Locks


  3. Grid Options

    Grids bring a distinctive look to your home. Four grid styles in a variety of color and style combinations offer many choices when selecting grids for your windows. Grids Between Glass (GBG) afford easy cleaning, Applied Surface Grids (ASGs) are permanently adhered to the panes inside and out and are designed to look like a true multi-paned window.

    Model 6400: Color Options

    Flat Colonial

    • White
    • Adobe
    • Bronze ext./White int.
    • Custom Painted*

    Contoured Colonial

    • White
    • Adobe
    • Bronze ext./White int.
    • White ext./Light Oak int.
    • White ext./Cherry int.

    Polished Brass Colonial

    SDL – Simulated Divided Lites: Colonial Contour

    • White
    • Adobe
    • White ext./Light Oak int.
    • White ext./Cherry int.
    • Custom Painted*

    *Only Flat and Applied Surface Grids can be custom painted.


  4. Sample Grids