SLIDERS are similar to double hung windows but sashes move from side to side.

Our products and processes emphasize energy savings – and that means we consume less energy to minimize the CO2 released into our environment.

Our buildings save energy by utilizing in-floor radiant heating during off-peak energy hours and by using motion controlled lighting.

Our processes conserve resources – like filtering and reusing glass wash water for glass rinsing, and recycling our vinyl and glass scrap created during the fabrication process. And of course, we have a recycling program for metals, cardboard and paper.

Interstate belongs to a voluntary energy cooperative that monitors and helps reduce energy usage during times of peak demand. We are helping to protect our community from blackouts, to keep energy rates stable and to help the environment by reducing reliance on peaking power plants.


Meet the work horse of the Interstate vinyl window line.

The model 6800 Dual Slider is a strong, mid-level window with many options that will satisfy most of today’s construction demands for replacement and new construction projects. The slider offers a lift handle, balance covers, head and sill expanders for added insulation providing less air infiltration after the installation.


  • 4-point welded vinyl profiles for extra strength.
  • Multi chambered profiles assure energy efficiency.
  • Nominal 1″ insulated glass for optimal performance.
  • Exterior glazed sash for attractive, non-caulked joints.
  • Strong aerospace frame design.
  • Sashes lift out to clean.
  • Both sashes glide from side to side and lift out for easy cleaning.
  • Strong, attractive, easy operating and high performing lock.
  • Weather resistant nylon glides allow the sash to move smoothly and quietly.
  • Outstanding air infiltration of .07 cfm/ft2 for energy savings.
  • ClimaGuard™ Low E glass/Argon gas optional for best thermal rating.
  • Dual weather stripping to prevent leaks and maximize energy efficiency.
  • Duralite™ IG Spacer to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Incredible Double Hung Triple Fuel Saver Glass U-Factor as low as .14 on some InVision window styles.
  • Obsoletes expensive krypton gas.
  • U-factor up to 54% better than ENERGY STAR Most Efficient qualification.
  • Narrow frame and sash design: More Glass + More Light = More Window!
  • Three beautiful interior laminates now in stock: Dark Oak, Winchester Light Oak, Cherry.
Interior & Exterior Solid Vinyl Colors
Stock Interior Laminate Woodgrains
Custom Paint Finishes (14 in Stock Exterior Colors)
Unlimited Color Match Exterior Colors.
Custom blended colors available to suit your design needs – limited only by your imagination!

Climaguard™ Low E Glass and Argon Gas Add Comfort and Energy Savings

Low E is a transparent metallic oxide coating applied onto a glass surface. The coating allows short-wave energy to pass through but reflects long-wave infrared energy, which lowers the U-value and that means more energy savings. An odorless, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic gas, argon is six times denser than air. It is used to replace air between the glass panes to reduce thermal energy transfer and heat loss.

ClimaGuard glass has heat reflective coatings – microscopically thin layers of metal and metal oxide that filter energy by keeping warmth inside in winter and outside in summer.

Built Tough Hardware

All Interstate vinyl windows come standard with the industry’s finest hardware system. The operators, locks, and hinges have all been developed to work together to meet or exceed maximum performance requirements. Interstate provides the strongest, most attractive, easiest operating and highest performing hardware in today’s market.

Grid Options

Grids bring a distinctive look to your home. Four grid styles in a variety of color and style combinations offer many choices when selecting grids for your windows. Grids Between Glass (GBG) afford easy cleaning, Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs) are permanently adhered to the panes inside and out and are designed to look like a true multi-paned window.

Model 6800/6802 Grid Color Options

– Flat Grids
• White
• Clay
• Bronze Exterior/White Interior
• Custom Painted

– Contoured Grids
• White
• Clay
• Bronze Exterior/White Interior
• White Exterior/Woodgrain Laminate Interior

– SDLs (Simulated Divided Lites)
• White (exterior & interior)
• Clay exterior/White interior
• Bronze exterior/White interior
• White exterior/Woodgrain Laminate Interior
• Removable Grids with Frame Surround, interior mounted
• Custom Painted

* Only Flat and exterior Simulated Divided Lites can be custom painted.

Sample Grids