You’re Part of the Family with Interstate

Interstate Home Improvement Company, 1940

Interstate Building Materials has a long, rich history. In 1938, Joseph Pupa Sr. founded Interstate Home Improvement Company in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and began providing quality building materials to Northeast Pennsylvania. He believed that employee values should be the focus for building his company’s reputation. With the strength built on those values, he passed the torch to his son, Joseph Pupa, Jr. Now, three generations have grown up in the business, with Joseph Pupa III leading our company since 2000.



Breaking The Mold

Statue of Liberty



In 1984, Interstate expanded its product line by manufacturing vinyl windows and doors. We are the first company in the United States to introduce an all vinyl single hung window to the new construction market. In 1985, an affiliated company named Interstate Window & Door Company was fully incorporated. Research and development begun to develop a fully integrated, all welded double hung vinyl window system specifically designed for the new construction market.
Things began to really pick up for the company in 1986. Not only did Interstate break ground on a 36,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Pittston, Pennsylvania, but we had donated our vinyl windows to the Statue of Liberty restoration project. To this day, our vinyl windows are still standing in the national monument’s pavilion.




The Future is Ours

In 1991, Interstate Window & Door Company was awarded for outstanding performance by the Vinyl Window & Door Institute. We continually stay above the curve in manufacturing technology to make sure our products are the most energy efficient and highest quality windows on the market today. Today, Interstate offers roofing, siding, kitchen cabinets, and best-of-the-line windows. Interstate truly is a proven company that sells products engineered to last.