CompositWood, the next generation of windows, is a revolutionary material blended with timeless design that surpasses the ambitions of even the most well known window manufacturers.

What is CompositWood?

CompositWood is made from a proprietary mix of specialty polymer and acrylic resins, creating an “engineered composite”, super tough, solid core material. A permanent color surface technology called “SuperCap™” is fused to the core materials during the extrusion process.

CompositWood is simply the best window you can buy. It provides the warmth of a finely milled wood window without the problems associated with wood.

Why CompositWood?

Nothing defines a home like the elegance and warmth of wood windows, but the maintenance problems and expenses associated with wood are simply overwhelming.

Metal and vinyl clad wood windows were only partial solutions. In the industry-wide pursuit of window excellence, CompositWood is the answer.

  • 3/4″ #1 Eastern White Pine struts allow for unlimited angles from 0 to 55 degrees on bows
  • 3/4″ #1 Eastern White Pine end jambs (has secondary cover to hide unsightly installation nails and screws)
  • Two interior finishes – all wood or vinyl mullions, end fillers, and stops
  • Unique weep system directs water away from channels
  • 1/4″ all-threaded steel rods between struts tie head and seat boards together for added strength
  • Foam sealant between struts for added energy efficiency
  • Maintenance free vinyl-clad exterior – available in white, adobe, bronze and custom colors

Color Choices — Inside and Out:

Inside, select solid SuperCap® white or CompositWood’s real Eastern White pine veneer that can be stained or painted to suit your needs. Outside, choose from SuperCap white (white interior); 14 in-stock factory painted colors; over 30 special order colors; and virtually unlimited custom matched colors (15-year paint warranty).

Custom Paint Finishes (14 in Stock Exterior Colors)
Custom Paint Finishes

Unlimited Color Match Exterior Colors. Custom blended colors available to suit your design needs – limited only by your imagination!


Incredible Thermal Values

Dual Energy Saver
  • Double Pane with Duralite™ Spacer and Climaguard Low E glass and Argon gas in the chamber
  • U-factor:
    • .24 – Double Hung
    • .23 – Casement, Awning
    • .21 – Double Hung w/additional Low E on interior surface
    • .20 – Double Hung w/additional Low E on interior surface & special certified gas fill* (IS-20 glass)
    • .20 – Casement, Awning w/additional Low E on interior surface *
Triple Fuel Saver™
  • Triple Pane with Duralite™ Spacer and 1” insulated assembly with 2 panes of Climaguard Low E glass and Argon gas in both chambers
  • U-factor:
    • .19 – Double Hung *
    • .16 – Casement, Awning *
Triple Fuel Saver Plus™
  • Triple Pane with Duralite™ Spacer and 1” insulated assembly with 2 panes of Climaguard Low E glass, Krypton gas and Argon gas.
  • U-factor:
    • .17 – Double Hung *
    • .15 – Casement/Awning *
Triple Fuel Saver Max
  • Triple Pane with Duralite™ Spacer and 1” insulated assembly with 2 panes of Climaguard Low E glass and Krypton gas
  • U-factor:
    • .16 – Double Hung *
    • .14 – Casement/Awning *

* Products that are recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2017 meet rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. CompositWood has been awarded the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient mark for 2017.

Climaguard™ Low E Glass and Argon Gas Add Comfort and Energy Savings

Low E is a transparent metallic oxide coating applied onto a glass surface. The coating allows short-wave energy to pass through but reflects long-wave infrared energy, which lowers the U-value and that means more energy savings. An odorless, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic gas, argon is six times denser than air. It is used to replace air between the glass panes to reduce thermal energy transfer and heat loss.

ClimaGuard glass has heat reflective coatings – microscopically thin layers of metal and metal oxide that filter energy by keeping warmth inside in winter and outside in summer.

Built Tough Hardware

All Interstate vinyl windows come standard with the industry’s finest hardware system. The operators, locks, and hinges have all been developed to work together to meet or exceed maximum performance requirements. Interstate provides the strongest, most attractive, easiest operating and highest performing hardware in today’s market.

Casement/Awning Window Cranks
Slim Line Casement/Awning Locks
Compositwood Grid Options

Grids bring a distinctive look to your home. Four grid styles in a variety of color and style combinations offer many choices when selecting grids for your windows. Grids Between Glass (GBG) afford easy cleaning, Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs) are permanently adhered to the panes inside and out and are designed to look like a true multi-paned window.

CompositWood Grid Color Options

Flat Colonial

  • White
  • Adobe
  • Bronze ext./White int.
  • Custom Painted*

Contoured Colonial

  • White
  • Adobe
  • Bronze ext./White int.

SDL (Simulated Divided Lites)

  • White
  • Adobe
  • Custom Painted*

*Only Flat and Applied Surface Grids can be custom painted.

Sample Grids